Carb Diet Plans: Stop Cheating On Your Low Carb Diet!

Do you know the secret formula that explains ALL cheating behaviors: AU + SP + RD = A ? (learn it on p. 38)

A fantastic line that will leave your friends and family NO choice but to support your diet — at least if they’re human (p. 97)

Do you know why most people resist HEROIN much more easily than CARBOHYDRATES? (find out on pp. 129, 130)

3 things you might be doing right now to cause your friends and family to have a legitimate “beef” with your low carb diet — and how you should address their concerns (pp. 93-99)

One crucial thing most low carb dieters never seriously consider. Many people must do this to get complete victory — and it’s not counting calories (p. 104)

Several things you must throw out of your house to really succeed on your diet . . . it’s not just food . . . and it’s not your significant other, either (pp. 73-76)

The exact reason why people often feel guilty about really dumb things, and why this might be preventing you from reaching your goals (read about it in chapter 3)

Second, it’s not just theoretical with me. I know how to fail on a low carb diet. Before I succeeded I failed three times. That gave me the experience and motivation I needed to figure out what factors lead people to fail on their low carb diets.

And, third, I learned how to succeed on a low carb diet. And I have reaped the rewards, including a leaner and healthier body, loose-fitting clothes, and a peaceful, “in-control” feeling.

Instead it relies on the scientific idea that we have three distinct parts within us that motivate us to do different things for different reasons.

A proper understanding of your three motivational systems can help you diagnose the cause of your self-defeating behaviors very precisely. And that will help you devise strategies to get all three parts of yourself pointing in the same, low carb, direction.

Basically, you will take three parts of yourself that sometimes don’t get along very well, and teach them to sing a glorious, three-part, low-carb harmony.

And, when you learn to do THAT, you will receive the added benefit that all of the bits of advice presented in the book won’t seem like just a jumbled mess of good ideas.

And all those scattered bits of wisdom you’ve found in other…

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