The World's Greatest Penile Artist


Latest Art Works

This is my latest series about the adventures of Grommet and Mallaboo, two fun loving friends who just want to have a good time.

World Leaders

This series has been one of my most popular to date, when this collection is completed it will include most of the Leaders from all of the developed Nations of the world I will look for somewhere to hold anExhibition with them.

Female Nudes

This is a fun series to do because I try to paint them in public places like the country side and on the beach which always causes interest with onlookers who can't believe what they are seeing.

Charcoal Drawings

I love doing the Charcoal Drawings because doing them by hand is like taking a holiday and it gives me time to reflect and study the human form more closelyand usethe subtleties of light andshading on them a little more than I do with colour.

Male Nudes

This is the series that I am getting the most requests for commission work on these days, I find it exciting doing the male torso with a perfect physique, my years of doing sculptures has given me a better understanding of how it all works.

Modern Art

I've always wanted to try some abstracts but never really found the time until I was given a commission by a client and a free hand to do whatever I felt fitted the brief I was given, I enjoyed doing it and the client really liked it too which was a relief.


Living in the mountains has given me an appreciation for the freedom that nature gives us and also unlimited inspiration


This is another of the fun sides to art, I find them easy and relaxing to do and everyone usually gets a laugh with the finished result.

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