The World's Greatest Penile Artist

Artist Profile

The World is My Art Studio

In the beginning of time life forces were created with divine intervention, my art evolved spontaneously from basic mysterious forces surging through me, Stripped naked to the core unbounded by society's conventions I am at one with nature exposing primitive urges, all my senses converge, I feel the very roots of my creativity stirring rising up merging with the subjects inner beauty climaxing in uncontrollable waves of divine euphoria and my loins I create PENILE ART.

Personal Details

Timothy James Francis Patch
Beechmont, Australia


1969 - 1972
West of England Academy of Art.
1966 - 1967
Portsmouth College of Art
1963 - 1965
Bembridge Public School, Isle of White UK.
Oakwood Prep School, near Chichester.

Professional Activities

Pricasso the Artist was Born.
2005 - 2006
"PENILE ART" Exhibitions and Performing Art.
2004 - 2006
Portrait and Caricature Artist.
Performance Artist and Exhibitions.
Sculpture Exhibitions.
2002 - 2006
Started work on "Gaudi" style home and Art Gallery.
1985 - 2002
Began "Hellfire Pottery" Ceramic and Pottery.
1983 - 1984
Various Sculpting Commissions.
1978 - 1982
Exhibiting Woodcarving & Art in Galleries.
Migrated to Australia from the United Kingdom.

My work is exhibited in Private Collections all over the World.

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